We are happy to announce that our Capacity Building Booklet for Teachers is now available. Discover best practices for engaging migrant students and their parents in your country.

According to the 2015 OECD study “Review of Migrant Education,” there is a huge gap between migrant and native students in terms of academic performance. Moreover, the difference is more visible among first-generation immigrant students. The study shows that 51% of first-generation immigrant students failed to reach baseline levels of academic proficiency in reading, mathematics, and science in 2015, compared to 28% of students without an immigrant background. In the long term, these differences cause discrepancies among society and negatively affect the economy and prosperity at large. The transition into a new country can be challenging for adults; however, this situation must be even harder for children who have had to leave their home and move to a country where they can’t speak the language, or who feel like outcasts because they don’t have the same culture as their classmates. So, how can we support these children to bride the…

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