A networking platform, a mentoring meeting point: The IMCAP Project

A networking platform, a mentoring meeting point: The IMCAP Project

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After the development of the Capacity building booklet for Teachers and the creation of the Cultural Handbook for Parents, the IMCAP training programme comes full circle with the creation of an interactive platform that serves as a meeting point for teachers from different countries. Because in every school education project, and even more so in one as ambitious as ours, it is clear to all of us that the final beneficiaries are the students, in this case the immigrants who need to integrate into their new social and cultural context. At IMCAP, we have also paid special attention to the families, who are responsible for the education and training in values once the pupils leave the school; but no one can hide the key role that teachers play in this complicated process of adaptation of immigrant pupils and families.  

For this reason, because we know that there is not always adequate training and that not everyone may have the necessary tools to face such a challenge, IMCAP wanted to put teachers in contact with each other, to exchange experiences, learn about good practices and adopt in their schools what has already worked in other countries. First we will build links between teachers from the UK, Spain, Cyprus and Slovakia, but the bridge is already built for teachers from any country to join a growing community in the European Union. 

Thus, the target group of this platform will be teachers and schools in general, so they can share best practices in wellbeing and performance of migrant pupil.  

At the same time, the platform will be a meeting point for more experienced teachers to act as mentors so that others who may be new to the task can develop a more positive and constructive attitude towards migrant pupils, manage complex classroom conditions, ensuring collaboration between teachers across the EU. 

Because our society is becoming more and more diverse and multicultural, which is generating situations on a daily basis that only a few years ago did not arise in our schools. This is where our platform wants to bring together schools and teachers, experts and novices, combining experiences, knowledge and practices that make our classrooms scenarios of integration for students and their families.  

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